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Leaf + Pin is a full service boutique design firm based outside of Boston, MA. We partner with small businesses and start ups to design personalized and highly functional branded retail spaces, office locations, and landscapes.


Office Space


We collaborate with small businesses and start ups to create uniquely branded environments that support business needs and strategies.

Sunny Backyard


We will help define a plan that transforms your outdoors into beautiful, functional spaces that help make the most out of your time outside and achieve your landscape design goals.

Clothing Store


Two pieces of what make up a hinge are called a leaf and a pin. We think our design work is like a hinge, too. Connecting disparate things together. Defining a space or opening the doorway to something new. Whether elaborate or hidden, hinges can be decorative or support an incredible amount. Careful, thoughtful selection ensures the right functional design choice. We like the possibilities and the powerful potential. On the surface you might notice a hinge, but Leaf + Pin is what’s bringing it all together. 

Tera Kull spent a decade successfully working in the tech industry in a suite of roles spanning both strategy and program management. Her work with Leaf + Pin Design brings together her strong project management skills, exceptional account management, and customer centered design with her love of functional design and aesthetic creativity. Her collaborative style and functional approach ensures an end product with which you can be confident will establish a space that best supports your business.


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